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Meet Andy March 23, 2009

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Andy is an amazing big black dog. Like other big black dogs, he is often overlooked by potential adopters. So, I thought I’d share a little about Andy with the world so everyone can see how truly awesome he really is.

I brought Andy home two weeks ago after a Pet Haven adoption. While I had read his bio before and was particularly intrigued by the fact that he had stood by his stray dog friend who was hit by a car, I felt as though he wouldn’t be a good fit in our house because we have a cat.  I  asked around at the adoption event about his experience with cats and figured it was some thing that needed to be explored further because I didn’t want him to miss out on a possible forever home. Henry, our cat, was just the one who could test this out as he LOVES dogs that pay attention to him as he often gets ignored by Kuy and Katie, our resident dogs.


So, Andy piled up in my car and I called my husband on the way informing him I was going to bring Andy home for the weekend. I asked later why Jake didn’t protest this and he asked if I would have listened anyway. Well…good point 🙂

When Andy first arrived at our house, he “fell in” according to Jake. He learned how to go in and out of the doggie door with little effort and reasonably deals with Katie’s growling if he does anything she doesn’t approve of.

And the cat? Well, Andy and Henry have become good friends. Andy chased Henry every now and then when they first met, but immediately afterwards, Henry would rub up against Andy who would lick his ears.

The story that I think really demonstrates Andy’s personality the best is from our first day together. I took the three dogs, including Andy, to the dog park. Andy met a family that must have seemed welcoming as he chased them half-way around the park. Once I made it to the other side and called Andy’s name, he came running up to me at full speed smiling all of the way. From that point on, he won’t stray far from me 🙂

At home Andy will lay close to my husband and me and is perfectly content to chew on his bone. He will come up and want pet whenever he gets lonely.

He really is a perfect family dog. At a recent adoption event, a small child came up and pulled on his tail. Andy’s response was to turn around and kiss him 🙂 If only everyone was that forgiving and kind!

For more information about Andy, check out his Pet Haven bio at: and/or email



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